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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

I bought my kit from Zoombicycles/Powerkingshop/RuiHong Enterprises off ebay. It's a 49cc Limited Edition kit. I get the feeling that just means "here's old stuff we want to get rid of", but it came with some neat stuff that the other kits didn't.

The kit arrived within two weeks, but was missing all the sprocket mounting hardware. I e-mailed them about it, and within a day I got a response telling me to send some pictures of what I got so they could ship out what I'm missing. After doing that, they sent the missing bits out to me at no charge whatsoever the next day.

It also turns out my brass cable keeper was missing, they offered to send me one for free, but I had already ordered it from them anyhow (they're cheap). They sent me two!

The included instructions were either in Chinglish (the motor kit is a "great substitute for walking", according to it), or very vague. More detailed ones were available from their website. I guess they save money on paper this way.

The clutch cable was *just* long enough to reach through the clutch arm. I ended up shortening it anyways, so I stripped off some of the rubber to make it longer.

Then the drive sprocket wouldn't turn, even with the clutch disengaged. They said that the grease causes it to seize if it's left in storage for a while. I fed the chain onto the sprocket and gave it a yank. I lost a bit of skin on my finger, and then tried again with gloves. It freed right up after that.

After that it all went pretty smoothly. The engine fired up and still runs well. I'm extremely impressed with ZB's customer service and would reccomend them to anybody.
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