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I found in the sissy schwinn, the engine does most of the braking for me. I almost never apply brakes unless it is to stop at a stop sign which I seldom do anyway. I can throttle down enough to make a right turn never touching the brake.

I'm sure there are as many reasons why we ride these toys as there are people who own them. I personally started with electric bikes. I built my own friction drive bikes and enjoyed the attention frankly. I'm not supposed to drive a car so the bike seemed a good alternative. It would be much harder to kill an innocent motorist with a bike I think.

I drove the electro to a meeting one morning and after five miles it was about to stop on me. fortunately I was across the street from my driveway at the time. I very very reluctantly went to gasoline for the range. I am still not convinced it was the best thing I ever did, but I am having fun with it. And thanks to some very nice people who are here now, I learned a little about how to repair the monster.

I rode motorcycles in my youth but I always loved the pictures of the very very early bikes. The ones that look an awful lot like my sissy schwinn with a motor on it.

Why not pedal well to be honest I have had a couple of heart attacks and can pedal a few miles on flat ground but even a modest hill kicks my butt. The electric was ideal for flattening out the hills. The gas is even better but I don't get to pedal quite as much. So it is more just pure joy to ride not as much exercise as before.

All in all it takes up an old man's time. I guess that is one persons reason but I'm sure everyone has a different story to tell.

Kind of interesting when you think about it. These toys probably cross age, socio economic lines as well anything else, and about any other barrier you can think of as well.

I can see when they finally come tow my car away I will still be able to go to the store and buy a quart of milk. So the little thing is a toy for sure, it is also an exerciser of sorts, it gets me out in the fresh air which I might not do otherwise, and best of all it has the promise of continued freedom and independence. What more could a fat ole country boy ask.

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