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Default Re: Warning to All! - Everyone look at this!

I`ve also sheared my bottom mount bolts. The main problems with mb`s are mounting bolts,tensioner and not using locktite. It should be mandatory to at least change the mounts out with 6m quality bolts during the build up. I used a hex bolt from home depot and cut the head off. The original bolts are crap. The other mount hole still needs to be tapped, so i`m riding on one bolt,no nut. but its still better than two pot-metal bolts, and ive had no problems. When the engine bends out like that,you may need to replace the cdi if the plug wire pulls out. check the mag wires connections. I used a multimeter and had to replace a wire that snapped internally in the casing. You may need a soddering iron, i got lucky and had to replace the wire that attaches to the mag by screw. The chain may have bent back and loosened a link which will fall off during riding. if that happened just replace the chain, the links are like rivets and arent meant to pop on and off.

I think ive broke my bike every way possible twice, and never fallen off. I figure one day it will break as mush as it can and be reliable or blow up. I ride it as fast as it will go, when it breaks and I cant roll to a stop or the bike jams up I power slide. Power sliding has helped immensely with having to stop abruptly from unaware drivers. It constantly saves my back end. bikes go 30-40 down hill all the time. Once I hit a speed bump not paying attention doing about 40 and went airborne and never let go of the accelerator, no suspension so when i landed straight my inertia transferred into forward momentum. If I wobbled or panicked I probably would have crashed. I dont wear a helmet, they cost too much and would impair my visibilty. This is probably safer than riding down a car-park on a skateboard or skitching cars in busy traffic. I can tuck and roll out of the spills anyway. I`m way more concerned with getting ran over by impatient drivers who pay absolutely no attention to anything but text messaging. I guess i just learned to physics.
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