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Default Re: Working on Frames Question

Originally Posted by Tabogon View Post
Thanks again Jim! I got a chance to look into the links you posted, a lot of good info. I never realized that most custom frame builders prefer brazing and how popular it is for frame building. I found a few really nice shots of a frame that was brazed, and the finish was amazing! Looked like it was made from a single piece of metal. This is definitely something I want to learn and use on my bike when I build it.

You're welcome,

It is very easy to learn to braze, and as you noted it produces a really nice looking joint. Perfect fillets are easy to do. You don't have to be an expert to get good results.

I highly recommend it for the hobbyist.

I can best describe it as high temperature soldering. If you have ever soldered plumbing fittings, you will have no problem brazing.

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