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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

I let ladyfriend ride "her" bike today that I built specifically for her. The ride was in a large school parking lot; no traffic. Not one mile into her first ride she gets the hand controls confused and locks the front wheel. She goes flying, of course right at a concrete curb. She broke her helmet, scratched her bare legs up pretty good and slightly skinned her hands. Threw the fuel tank and seat out of alignment, otherwise everyone is okay. After 15 minutes, she got back on and rode the bike some more. We're getting a new helmet this afternoon. I rode the bike an additional 25 miles later on.

My rules when riding with me: Good helmet, long jeans, gloves, eye protection, rear-view mirrors, cell phone. I hope other adopt this practice as well. She does not make fun of my motorcycle helmet any more.

Stay safe out there,
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