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Default Re: Oregon destroys my faith.

Ok, Joe and Ret, you have no idea of my circumstances so don't be so quick to judge! Wanna a glimpse???? 12yo tweaker stepdad kicked the living **** out of me broke three of my ribs gave me a concussion and the ugliest black and blue face you'd ever probably seen. Enter the state of Oregon! I was the one beaten and broken and the state treated me like I was a delinquent . Three years I got bounced around, they somehow lost an entire years worth of credits for highschool in the paperwork shuffle they moved me so much. I also had a very strange case worker he always had an issue with me, and to be quite honest I didn't like him either. I couldn't figure out why but I got the worst vibe from this guy and I tend to follow my gut. Anyways the state kept putting me into places where everyone there had done something bad except me?!? (Why was I punished? I never did anything wrong at this point) Finally they did it three years of this BS and I snapped, I escaped the institution they had me in and I stole a car I drove it to idaho where I got into a chase with the police and crashed the car. I escaped the next place they housed me and went on the run. I was on the run until I was 16 (a lil over a year) until I realized I needed to have a life, I needed school. I turned myself in about three months after my old caseworker was expedited (????) Yeah the son of a ***** that had been intentionaly causing me strife, and purposefully messing with my head, was a convicted child molester that had just been released from a rhode island prison months before hired as a child welfare worker in Oregon. Funny thing is he didn't even get a false identity, All they had to do was a background check! State hasn't done a effing thing for me, they swept it under a rug like it didn't happen and left me to pay Over 7,000 dollars in fines, missing a years worth of highschool credits. If you ask me the state owes me a lot more than that! There is many more details involved that only make it worse but this is basically why.