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Default Re: new to this, hoped for some advice...

Originally Posted by Technocyclist View Post
Also, you will still need to do a lot of things to the engine before installation. You need to a number of things on the engine. Most of us opens/ dismantles the engine before installation. Enjoy your build!!!

Do not disassemble a new engine unless you're not concerned with the warrantee. Most any kit supplier will not take back an engine that has been taken apart. Dax has this disclaimer clearly outlined to his purchasers. That being said there is some truth to the fact that if you do tear down a new motor you might find it contaminated with metal shavings, dirt and crud. The manufactures of these engines, especially the Chinese 2 stroke, do not put a lot of time into cleaning before assembly. The choice is yours. Retain the warrantee and run it like you received it or tear it apart and chance voiding any guarantee that came with the motor.
As for aluminum frames, there are many aluminum framed bikes owned and ridden by members here. Unless you plan to do some rough riding or will abuse the bike, a properly cared for and maintained aluminum frame will work as well as a steel one. Ride careful
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