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Default new to this, hoped for some advice...

hey all, i've been looking at motor kits for a few months now but i'm finally getting ready to purchase one (or two, actually). before i did i had a few questions... i have a giant yukon mountain bike, and the seat tube is larger diameter (don't know the exact dia.) than normal... it's an aluminum frame, and i don't want to drill it... has anybody mounted a 2 stroke motor to this bike? i'm also interested in a shift kit from sick bike parts (or elsewhere if there are other options) to install at the same time... I understand the rear disk brakes require a shift kit or a new rear braking system. the bike has shimano deore deraleur, is this tough enough to handle the shift kit? dax seems to get no complaints on here, i'm assuming those who've owned the 2 strokes from dax like them? i'm going to be purchasing two sets of kits, for mine and my wife's bike, so i just wanted to straighten some things out first, thanks in advance and sorry for so many questions.
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