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I am a whore. Really. An idea whore. My plans have, again, changed. Well...part of the plans have changed.

At this point I plan to have a custom fork built by BrettMavrick (you'll have funds soon man!) to make use of a 24x2.5 chopper wheel with dual disc brakes in the front, and will have someone more local to me, like my brother, make a custom rear swingarm that will accommodate a 24x4 rear wheel. In addition to being wider for the wheel, it will move the wheel back. In front of the wheel will be a 150cc vertical Lifan.

I was planning on a 110cc or 125cc, but I was just offered the 150cc for 275 shipped. I can't argue with the price. As someone else has said in another thread, "They won't know unless they take apart and measure it." So long as I keep my wits about me and ride like a human being they have no reason to pull me over.

The rear swingarm will taper towards the front to clear the crankarms, and I actually intend to cut apart my current swingarm, as my crank is part of the swingarm. I will cut off everything behind the rear shock mount, and go from there. The extra length, plus the weight of the engine will require me to ditch the 350lb spring currently on the shock body and swap to an 850lb unit from

I am confident at this time that the 150cc's internal generator will be sufficient for the lights and accessories I plan to run, so I no longer need to rig up an external charging method for the battery. Speaking of batteries, I should be able to put a small motorcycle battery between the motor and the front of the swingarm, right between the crankarms.

Planned accessories are a pair of projector driving lights with HID bulbs, an led tail/brake light, and a GPS unit. I just picked up a bicycle trailer for free the other day, and got a set of rims for it from my neighbor's barn. I plan to put taillights on that as well, again, led. I don't plan to run both HID headlights at once, in fact I am thinking about ordering 2 separate colors. Diamond White (6000k) for regular driving and Golden Yellow (3000k) for bad weather.

Hmm....while looking up the two HID flavors I lost my train of thought. I could have sworn there was more but I cannot remember.

Anyway, pictures of the fat seat, the bike trailer, and the rims from my neighbor to come once daylight hits.

As I said, I am a whore. An idea whore. You can call me a whore if you want, its fine. I admitted it.
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