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Default Re: 6v custom headlight rig. need someone smarter than me

Originally Posted by westonforbes View Post
xlite, when you say 50-100 LED bike light do you mean 50 to 100 LEDs? or is that some sort of rating. If you mean 50-100 leds thats pretty impressive and I would want one 5 minutes ago! where would you find such a contraption and how much do they normally run for? I was at the bike shop today and they had some high power LED lamps that cost more than i make in a week. has about a dozen different LED bike lights and the one I got was $8 shipped. They run around 8x that price locally. 4 intensity settings plus flash. It lights up the road like magic and gets about 5-6hrs with 4 AA rechargeables. Note that it's a little brighter with alkalines but I'm not made of money.
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