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Default Re: Oregon destroys my faith.

It's just takes one bent out of shape cop to make me have a very bad day. I'm am writing a letter to the judge, if that doesn't work it's the mayor. All their suspension does is prevent people from being able to make the money to pay their fines. I would be IT at my company and be salaried right now, up and comming shining all star.....your license is suspended......................O...nevermind. I was offered a position in a moving company for $23 bucks an hour, no license.......O....Nevermind. I'm really lucky to make what I do in this town considering. I'll probably ride it it is my only transport. Or once it has a full suspension I could try to sell the finished product for a Grand and pay off the initial fat payment to unsuspend my license. If I could do that then I could afford to continue payments to keep it from suspension. Seems to honestly be the best option. I hope someone would buy it I know I could sell it to someone around here during tax return time, or just contact a few of the upper crust's.