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Default Re: My project bike, (with a special feature)

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
That, is a find my friend. The metal riveted Schwinn plaque on the front makes it the real thing. Made in Chicago, with pride. Congratulations. That is going to be a classic ride. Don't let anyone talk you into drilling holes in that frame to mount the motor. There are many ways to get around that sacrilege. Keep us posted with your progress. Wouldn't want to sell it, would you?
I'd be interested to read about those other methods of mounting the engine, (I do use the search function, but a link is always helpful). Even though I plan to do a boardtrack set-up, I knew right away that I didn't want to modify the frame in any way. In some ways I feel handicapped by that, but I think preserving as much of the original bike as is possible is important. I don't even want to re-paint it even though it has many scratch marks with rust. If anyone has any suggestions for those I'd like to hear them.

dvddtz, I had planned to offer the engine to a friend in return for a favor, (letting me use his welding equipment) but if he doesn't want it I'll let you know.
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