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Default Re: "Little Whizz" My first build from Bloomington, Indiana

Thanks Huffathump. It is the black and chrome grubee 48cc from Revolution Cycles. The bike now has 100 miles on it and it is running a bit smoother than before. As you know, Bloomington is very hilly. I thought the 36 tooth rear would pull up hills easily but it struggles and my pedal drive gear ratio (34t to 18t) is so low that it will barely help. It idles a little higher than I want it to but it is ok. I seen much better torque and acceleration when the end cap on the muffler is removed (of course adds for a much more noise). All in all I built this bike out of fun and not for serious transportation. I would be more than happy to meet up with you and compare notes. Do you currently have an MB? If so, details?

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Sweet bike- looks like a great first build. Is that a starfire gen II 48cc with chrome finish from Revolution Cycles? I happen to live in bloomington, and I am considering picking up one of those motors but I would love to hear yours run first (in comparison to my grubee 66cc and my BGF rattletrap) Any chance we could meet up and compare notes/bikes?

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