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Boy I think your very lucky to be living there where you do. Me and the kid would rent a couple of pedal bikes on the north end of Venice and ride all over up and down the bike paths loads of fun and fun to watch the people. I've seen some strange things at Venice. I remember you used to be able to rent the little gas scooters at Venice, they don't anymore at least the they didn't last time I was there. The kid doesn't set up his artists booth there any more.
Hey check out his site. I'm painted as a gunslinger in one of his paintings titled "dead mans hand" look up on google I'm computer illerate for the most part and this is the address but when I put it in it displays weird for some reason it ooded right this time.?????
As for building your bike look at my bike pictures and others for guidance on the bike to use and be sure to ask questions all of us here are willing to help.
My builds have some major mod to complete mostly cutting or welding on the frame. With the right bike you shouldn't have to do that. I don't Know about you but I like cheap bikes cause if they get stolen you aren't out as much as you would be if you had a real expensive bike. I think motorbike mike is in your area he sells Wizzers which is a top line bike. You have also tons of talented people where you live so good luck and have fun. Don't be afraid to ask questions the only dumb question is one thats not asked.

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