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Default making rattling noise over 24mph

I have a Grubee star fire 48cc with 200 miles on it There's alot of vibration noises between 22mph
and 30 mph but at 28mph between 32mph it smoothed out A distinct rattling at 24mph between 28mph Maybe im pushing the engine to hard but it seems like it wants to go faster and i dont think ive maxed the rpm s I like to ride about 20 to 22mph im always looking out for the boyz though passed by a few{cops} here in phoenix and they just waved at me. the one distinct rattling noise is definetly coming from engine area cause i let off the gas and it stops should i be concerned with this i havent lubed or greased the gearing except put a dab of grease on the clutch end when installed . ty Chill Will AZ
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