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Default Re: Schwinn Spoiler Tank and Tins

First let me say the reason for this thread is two fold. One is to tout the work of Creative Engineering and to expose great artists and craftsmen I have discovered while working in the world of custom motorcycles and now in motor bicycles. The challenge for me is to apply all of that as a basis for this project. The Dollars spent are my concern, but like anyone else I have to make compromises. What I won't do is compromise on my vision and theme for this project. How I get that all WOW factor done is using my creativity and being open to the creativity of others like Jim and Craig and others I have worked with in the past.

I am happy that Al "Brush" Battista has captured your interest. He truly deserves the attention. If you are a just a tire kicker or someone that believes that a motor bicycle project doesn't deserve the best, then don't bother him. For Al it is a passion and coming up with prices for art is always difficult. But I did ask him if we could at least pin him down to some basic numbers. Here how it works.
1. you pay for all packing, shipping , and insurance. including the return
2. your tins and tanks must be painted. you can send them clear coated or not. If not you can clear coat them at your own expense when you get them back.
3. prices for a normal pin striping job 3 colors start a $450.00 for 3 pieces or $250.00 for a motorcycle tank.
4. leafing and other process and specialized designs are additional.
I hope this information will help those who are interested in having a true old Skool look on their project.

Some of you seem interested in what I payed because AL is a friend. The best way to answer that is this way, I am a wine maker I traded my art for his.
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