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Default Re: Thats it cauter pin time!

Another option is to get rid of the studs and nuts and go with Allen head cap screws with lock washers. There is no requirement to use studs. Ace Hardware has 6mm grade 8 capscews (black ones) I think they need to be about about 30mm (1 1/4") long for a standard exhaust manifold flange. Part of the problem with the nuts is the weld at the flange that will not allow the nut to seat properly. Test and you'll probably see that the nut will contact the weld bead and not lay flush against the flange when tightened. To remove the original studs simply double nut them and back them out with the nut closest to the cylinder. You'll want to stay away from the red loc-tite. It holds, requires lots of heat to soften and can damage threads if you ever need to remove the nuts or studs. Good luck, keep us posted on your fix.
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