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Default Re: 6v custom headlight rig. need someone smarter than me

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
IMO trying to use that white wire is a poor choice. For one thing it robs powers from an ignition system that's marginal at best. If you don't understand the limitation it's very difficult to get it to work at all. With a diode to limit draw from the half of the cycle the engine don't use it's possible to get some small amount of power. Not worth the trouble though.

A 50-100 LED bicycle light using rechargeable AA cells runs for many hours and lights up the road like a searchlight. Cheap, reliable, light, and bright, I keep one in my pack to clip on for those rare occasions when I get stuck out in the dark. Even a small 9 LED flashlight will suffice. Or any old mini-maglite bulb type in a pinch.
xlite, when you say 50-100 LED bike light do you mean 50 to 100 LEDs? or is that some sort of rating. If you mean 50-100 leds thats pretty impressive and I would want one 5 minutes ago! where would you find such a contraption and how much do they normally run for? I was at the bike shop today and they had some high power LED lamps that cost more than i make in a week.
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