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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Tip 1

I have built up a frame storage locker that works perfectly with a schwinn cruiser frame (although you do need to have a chain-guard fitted).


2 x large zip ties
1 x 800g biscuit tin
plasticised covering

Cut a plate out of the lid corresponding to the size of the opening you want and secure this as an opening panel (with or without lock)

This will only fit up with the use of a rack mounted engine and I use it to carry fuel etc.

Tip 2

Those nice small wine bottles (the 250ml ones) work perfectly as spare fuel carriers and fit perfectly into the storage box above. they are tough enough to survive a drop onto concrete and are nice and small.

They will fit in the box along with two locks and a tool roll.

Tip 3

When you are on a long ride be sure that you have the relevant tool to adjust the handlebars. This means that if your wrists start to hurt (or in my case my shoulders sometimes as well) you can adjust the handlebar position on the go.. Alternatively you can invest in a short Quick release to hold the handlebars in position - be really really sure this is tight - I dont need to tell you that though.

Jemma xx
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