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Default Re: it's all wobbely! my pipe that is, help for fix?

Originally Posted by PatMcLJr View Post
I was out my 2nd test ride, a little longer.
Seemed like everything was humming along. The she started sounding lose up and vibrating. I limped back and found the chain tensioner, kinda expected that, but the I saw my pipe danging and wobbling. I let it cool of and took the pipe parts out of it. It looks like the welds broke inside that hold the header pipe to the muffler part.

Help! I don't weld or know a welder. Can it be soldered? Braised with some kind of propane torch? A special, cheap, clamp? Any ideas other then welding?

Pat Jr.
2nd test ride?
How old is your kit?
Where / who did you buy it from?

Sounds like your broken pipe should be covered by the sellers warranty
Did you get a warranty?

Is there a stub on the muffler left?
Posting a pic would be helpful for a temporary fix

Where on earth are you?

Good luck on getting back up and running ....
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