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Default Re: 80cc? Is it really? And isn't 50cc a motorcycle?

Originally Posted by radrob View Post
stay away from boygofast!!!
no warranty what so ever!!
if you have a problum they will just play dumb and give ignorent answers.
we bought are last motor from them
6 days after recieving the kit and notice a crankcase leak at the gasket where the case halfs come together. they are playing dumb about the problum. said to silicone it or put a piece of gasket in it .
this thing has to come completly apart wont warranty it. kit did not come with the tool required to take the motor apart.
had to dissasemble completly to split the case. the gasket was folded in half. of corse it ripped.
man am i pissed!! 1 week of bs emails
I must have gotten lucky, then. Nothing unusual, just the same pressed-tinfoil nuts and bolts you get with all the kits. The engine just runs sweeter and sweeter every day.
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