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Red face 6v custom headlight rig. need someone smarter than me

I am trying to install a headlight i made on my 49cc bike, I am having some issues though and i need some help from anyone. First off, what I have built. I went to my local superstore and bought a handheld spotlight for like 7 bucks, I also bought some aftermarket car headlights. I took apart the spotlight and salvaged the 6v bulb and the 6v rechargable battery. I then removed the 12v bulb from the headlight and installed the 6v (exact same bulb but different voltage). I now have everything mounted with a containing box and I can run the light if i wire it directly to the battery but I cannot get it to run from the engine whitewire. I have tried many combinations, connecting directly to the engine and combinations involving the battery. I have a fairly good understanding of electrical basics but it just wont seem to work. I worry that the bulb may be too many watts and is not leaving enough for the sparkplug. If anyone has done a similar project I would love to hear about it! or any ideas on how to accomplish this. If i can get this working I will post a full lighting tutorial with pics and what to buy, cause so far this is a DIRT CHEAP lighting solution and it would help alot of people. Thanks in advance.
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