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Default Re: Motor orientation

Originally Posted by sofasurferlinux View Post
With the motors like those sold by Powerkingshop (I guess I am referring to the Chinese mass imports), I see that they are usually mounted in a more-or-less vertical position, but often tilted slightly forward. My question is, how much leaway is there in orientation? For instance, could it be tilted 90 degrees forward from vertical? Would it run upside down? Yes I know its a dumb question but I promise to only ask it once.
The only 2 stroke motors that run in any position use pumper carbs
with diaphrams like a Walbro
Pumper carbs can also draw gas up from a gas tank

The carb with float bowl on the Chinese 2 stroke needs to be fairly level
to run properly and the gas tank most be higher than the inlet.

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