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Default Have I blown up my motor?

Well I finally had it going great. I got the SBP Tuned pipe and it was screaming. But I went out to start it and noticed it was hard to start and would not idle. Also there is no or very little compression. With the cluch out I can push the bike around the garage. Also when I get it going its very clunky, it will go ok for a while then just go CLUNK and stop. The fuel is 30:1 and fine. The plug is fine, very light charcol. The carb is perfect. I thought it was electrical as is goes ok but then going down a hill off the gas it just dies intermitenly. I started it up this morning for my son to have a listen and once I got it going all he said was "that sounds bad". Then CLUNK, it stopped. Still no compression.
So what should I do. I have been ringing its neck flat out a bit lately should I just replace the ring? What else should I look for when I have the head and barrel off? I was told to check under the clutch cover as I may have blown and oil seal? Are these hard to change?


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