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Default Re: 80cc? Is it really? And isn't 50cc a motorcycle?

Originally Posted by matt167 View Post
I'm not familliar with how the dual clutch works, but if you can operate the bike without operation of the manual clutch and have the centrifagul clutch take full operational, then it would be entirely an automatic transmission.. however it would seem obvious that the manual clutch has an operation even in a dual setup, because what other reason would it be there for...... perhaps you have to pull in the manual clutch when slowing down because the cent clutch only unlocks off load and/ or at idle.. I don't know how the china engines operate in a dual setup, but I can give a logical guess that you need the manual clutch to pull the cent clutch off load and unlock
I dont have a cent. clutch,I was just going to ask why my engines run great but die on idle,all 3 have done this ,is it a clutch issue or the carb?
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