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Default Re: lousy gas mileage

Originally Posted by bigdreamz2000 View Post
Well maybe if this was the first time you filled up with this new small tank, maybe a good portion went to filling a fuel filter and your float bowl.

Hadn't considered that, but no, it wasn't the first time using the lawnmower tank.

I'd also double check your volume of the lawn mower tank. My lawn mower tank is really small, like 1 pint which probally would only get me 15 miles down the road.

Yes, I think I should check the volume of that tank again. Pretty sure I measured it to be 32 oz., but I may have been wrong.

If you were sucking fuel like you said then your plug would be black charred and you might see a lot of black smoke. Any fuel wetness under you carb? A leaky tickle button can let fuel leak out which if you drove to the store, parked for awhile without tuning the petcock off it could drain out.
There's no indication that it's burning an excess amount of fuel. I've owned enough motorcycles with carb problems to be very familiar with the symptoms. If it was leaking, I'd see something on the floor of the workshop and I'd probably smell gas all around the bike, but neither is happening.
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