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Default Re: What does rain do to a MB?

Originally Posted by damdav1 View Post
i got all my connections soldered term ends to ends rtv sil over any exposed place and i have found that it ruins CDIs and magnetos i have went thru 2 mags and 3 CDIs i didnt mean to be out in the rain but it keeps happening the last time motor stops cuz i was in a downpour and was soo far away i had to keep riding thats just my luck also
What is killing your mags and CDIs? The Silicone or the exposed area? Thanks for the inputs, I'll silicone my mag grommet and block the back tire spray from going up the aircleaner and into the carb/engine. I'll hold onto my stock plug boot until this one gets heated and cracked, otherwise it looks like it is sealing. The other day I drove through 1 foot of water for about 10 feet so that just my exhaust was submerged, it bubbled but did not stall and forged me successfully across.
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