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Default Re: Synthetic Oil Question

Originally Posted by atvaholic View Post
Hi, I did a search on synthetic oils and seems its the way to go after break in. At my local shop they have the following oils:

Amsoil Interceptor

Amsoil 2 Cycle injection Oil

They also have lucas semi synthetic oil.

Which is the best to get? Also these are labeled injector oil, but it says ok to mix as a 50:1 -- Seems crazy to go that high. What would everyone recomend for an 80 cc china engine?

Those are both the same oils. One (Canada tire) is just an old picture. Interceptor will work, but 32:1-40:1 are better ratios with this oil for the HT engine.

Better Amsoil choices are Saber, which you can easily go to 50:1 with on a HT engine. Remember the OIL and then the application can determine the ratio. Another great choice from Amsoil for a well tuned HT engine is Dominator. This is what I run at around 32:1.
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