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Default Re: Enough testing the waters, I've jumped in

Hey: Bikeguy Joe, fairracing31, Cabinfever1977,Savage and TerrontheSnake, thanks for the warm welcome!

PatMcLJr: I'm in Bowling Green. I haven't seen any motorized bicycles here, but my wife has. I did see my first electric car last week, sort of a saloon car version of a golf cart. It was quick and quiet.

Clotho: I thought you were the source of the quote, but I couldn't find it again when I searched. Thanks for the link back to your blog I have looked at so much stuff I can't always remember where I saw a particular item. Love your Felt. I am with you on the brakes. I'm thinking about a Sturmey Archer front hub brake. The budget isn't so bad. My guideline is half the cost of the Ridley which is about $2700 delivered according to their web site, so I am looking at $1350. I've spent $600 on the Felt and $200 on the Starfire kit, so I have room for improvements. I know you will be a big help.

2door: Thanks for the warmth. Good name. It's only when I am standing with two other guys named Tom that someone yells, "Tom."

Everyone: I heard a little story today that was so good I wanted to pass it on. There is a waitress at a local restaurant who is pleasant, friendly, helpful and interested in other people. You know the kind of person who pays attention and remembers people because she is nice and likes people. Customers will wait to get a table in her area. An older couple particularly liked her and when she learned that they lived close to her she started checking on them. Sometimes when she cooked she would make extra and take it to them, just being the good neighbor. Well, the couple is in their nineties and have no children, so recently they gave this hard-working nice waitress their six year old Cadillac and a house. That's right, a house, a rental property they thought they were getting too old to mess around with. Moral: Sometimes when you try to make the world a little better a bit at a time you get a better world.
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