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Default Re: lousy gas mileage

Originally Posted by brucemg51 View Post
I understand that's a factor, but that much? I drive a 95hp motorcycle at 75mph and get 43mpg, and I don't have to mix oil with the gas. Going from a 44 tooth sprocket to a 52 tooth sprocket I would think would cause a barely perceptible drop in gas mileage. But 55 mpg? Maybe it's part of the larger picture, which would include my weight, the weight of the bike, the terrain I ride on, my usual cruising speed. Most of these are factors which I can't change. I never took seriously the claimed 150mpg, but if this is the best I'm going to get, then I have to consider whether I want to bother with a motorized bicycle.
Don't know what else to tell ya. The rest of us are getting well over 100 m.p.g.

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