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Default rear suspension's gotta go.

OK, so.. I finally got my rear shock off...

It was nice to find the rear of the bike is only held on by a plastic cap with plastic threads in it. . .

Dual suspension while using the stock left gear drive = BADD just for the record.

I'm planning to just stick a steel tube in it with tire rubber on each end.. (if that works I *should* be able to use the screw adjusters as a chain tensioner.. and ditch the tensioner completely.)

So, now the only problem is, I can't get the spring off without damaging the aluminum threads...
I'm thinking dremel. yeah the disc will shatter and go flying when the springs pops.. but, hack-saw sound more dangerous.. and grinder would probably make alot of heat...

anyway, cutting = current plan.. planning to do it soonish.. try to stop me while you can...
(bike is -> over there btw..)
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