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Default Re: 80cc? Is it really? And isn't 50cc a motorcycle?

Originally Posted by Cabinfever1977 View Post
heres what i found on the grubee site about 80cc(66cc) engines:
By western standards the volume of the engine head combustion chamber is not figured in the displacement engine rating, however some Chinese factories include this volume in their engine displacement ratings therefore making the engine appear bigger than it actually is.

if you get stopped by a cop,they dont know the diffrence between a clutch handle and a brake handle,tell them its a brake handle if they ask.
and then you get the cop that does know a little somthing about motorcycles, eyeballs the diffrent lever with a pin lock and follows the cable to a clutch mechanism.. then you probably get a big fine, bike impounded, maby even some jail time for lying to a cop... best just to tell them the truth and you probably won't get too much or you could get the " ignorance of the law is no excuse " speach and get a ticket anyway
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