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I once built a JK Samurai with full width Ford axles pushed to the very edge of the frame on each end with 4 links front and rear. Then for an engine, I swapped in an '89 Thunderbird Super Coupe V-6 (which was just a 302 with 2 cylinders missing) and all the EFI trimmings. Cool part was the motor came from the factory with an Eaton-Roots twin screw blower on top. that rig became a true rock spider. Sorry, didn't mean to get off topic with your OCC build. Your photos bring back some cool memories. Nice bike , btw.... =-]'


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Hey thanks.Actually I think that was a Subaru frame being modded for racing.The shop where my buddy works does alot of roll cages and exo's for crawlers.We're working on turning a Suzuki samurai into a badass crawler this week.
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