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Default Re: 80cc? Is it really? And isn't 50cc a motorcycle?


I'm in Ontario Canada. They have the 49cc rule here for mopeds. There are also separate rules
for power assisted bicycles. During my build I stamped 49cc on the case just below the cylinder.
This exempted me from the displacement clause during a 'cop stop'. It also falls between the lines of a power assisted bike both because it was not manufactured as one and it isn't strictly specified
how the power is created (electric or gas). The only point the cop had against the book was the hand operated clutch. I said 'without it, it's no longer pedal propelled (by fixing it closed) or strictly pedal propelled(by fixing it open) . So it's either a motorcycle (which would stall every time you slow or stop) or a seriously overweight bicycle. When all was said and done, I rode away as legal as I was when he stopped me. Just my say on the legal 'mumbo-jumbo'.

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