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Default Re: 80cc? Is it really? And isn't 50cc a motorcycle?

Originally Posted by sofasurferlinux View Post
I'm getting ready to buy my first motor kit from Powerkingshop on ebay. But I have a couple questions. Do I nessessarily want the biggest I can afford...80cc? The Michigan Secretary of State says that a Moped is anything below 50cc. I don't know how the law sees motorized bikes as compared to a moped, but I think an 80cc will be seen as a motorcycle. Me no want that!!! I don't need the fastest bike on the block (even though I would be the ONLY one), just a fun ride. And I think I read (but don't remember where) that there is no such thing as a 80cc. Its actually a smaller displacement. Whats the scoop on that.

Just looking for some friendly advice. And yes, I am sure all the answers are already posted, but I am just starting to read the forum.

Your 80 wieghs in for real at about 66,Im a bigger guy so I need that xtra to get my butt up the hills.
the nice chinese folk who build these figure it different than we do,I had the explanation once but I need to find it,its all over ebay,look for a 66 cc and it will be explained.there are no marks on these to identify cc so I wouldnt let it worry you.
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