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Default Re: Questions about newly installed 80cc engine kit...

Originally Posted by Johnnyblaze View Post
i was curious how far can i ride on a new engine ,should i worry about over heating it ? and can i do something about chain noise. i thought about greasing the chain? also im mixing fuel 16to1 is that ok.
If you're sure the noise is chain related there are several things to look for. Most common is chain not being aligned with the sprockets. Another area is mis-alignment of the plastic tensioner wheel. If the chain doesn't ride true in the groove of the wheel it can get noisy. Most tensioner brackets require a slight twist to get the wheel to align properly with the chain path. Many guys replace the plastic wheel with a modified skate board or roller blade wheel. You'll need to cut a groove in the roller blade/skateboard wheel to accomodate the chain but they do run quieter than the plastic ones. There is another cause which you can fix but it requires some grinding on the inside of the clutch actuator cover. Every engine I've worked with has some slight to heavy chain interference on the front edge of that cover. Check this post.
Good luck and come back if things don't improve.
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