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Default Re: New and young from Nor-Cal

Originally Posted by HTran Bikes View Post
Hello all,
1. Is a motorized bicycle legal in California.

2. What is the top speed on a motorized bicycle.

3. Is there any guides for building these bicycles?
Welcome to the best Motored Bike site on the planet

You don't say what kind of motorized bicycle you have?

Yes, motorized bicycles are legal in CA with certain restrictions
The info is here on the forum

Legal top speed on a gas powered motorized bicycle in CA is 30 mph
however if you drive one off the side of a cliff it will go about 130 mph

This site is a guide, you just need to do a lot of reading

Motorized gas powered bikes are legal in California

M2 drivers license,

moped license plate on the bike,

ride in bike lane OK,

No insurance,

must wear DOT helmet,

less than 30mph on level ground,

Maximum of a 2-speed automatic transmission that is incapable of being manually shifted,

capable of Human Propulsion ie Pedals,

less than 2 brake horsepower,

2 or 3 wheels.

The CA law says nothing about the size of the motor.

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