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Default Re: ZERO's First Build (Tribrid)

Ok, Sunday June 28..... i was able to get back up to the shop for the first time in a few days and try to work on it some more...i put it up on a jack stand to get it started and see how it ran but it woudnt start...i tightened up the tentioner 2 times because it seemed to wobble too much...but it still never started...gas came dripping out of the muffler but smoke did too and it still wouldnt run... after using the electric motor to start it for awhile... the chain broke and bent in another place soo im not sure if i need to use this chain anymore....or maybe i just need to check and fix every link to make sure it wont come apart while im driving down the road.
i believe i heard you can find a chain at Lows or Tractor supply... i will check Lows but our Tractor supply isnt open yet.

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