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Default Re: No response from Spooky tooth RE Parts ordered nearly a month ago.

Originally Posted by wildwestrider View Post
I ordered a number of parts from Spooky tooth back on the 4th For a Felt 1903 build up.

I received email confirmation of the order, but.... have yet to see my parts.

Its been nearly a month now....I have left numerous voice mails,....and sent a couple of emails.......No reply to any of them.

Based on what I have read here, this seems out of character for them/him,....Anyone know if he is perhaps closed for vacation? there someone who can check in with him to make sure he is OK?

Did the money actually go through? (Paypal, card, etc??) Sometimes oddities happen. I don't get the total lack of communication on a placed order. There must be more to the story.
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