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Default Re: got my first chinese 50cc kit - need advice

Originally Posted by Mike Hunt View Post
is the choke supposed to be in the fully closed position during normal operation?

The lever should be all the way down once warmed up.

i took it for another ride and after warming it up a little and playing around with the choke and idle screw it idles a little while but still dies if i don't keep revving it a little bit. perhaps if i tighten the throttle until its open about 1/16 of the way at the fully closed position it'll take care of my dying while idling problem?

Turn the screw clockwise a little more until it will idle. Remember, the engine is not broken in yet, and will not likely run perfectly until it is. The plug color is about right, don't change anything on your carb.

this thing is sooooo much fun tho, acceleration is really slow without pedaling, but at half throttle uphill it goes about as fast as i bike on level ground, pedaling vigorously, which is i find quite satisfactory.

this is my first motor vehicle btw

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