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Default Re: got my first chinese 50cc kit - need advice

yay got her to run. fueled her up at 20:1, went down a hill, popped the clutch, engine turned over trying to start, but as soon as i disengage the clutch it died on me. got it to start with choke about half way up, but still dies after about 10 seconds unless i keep revving it. after i got it started i kept revving the engine at up to half throttle with the clutch disengaged for 10 minutes. let it cool for about an hour, then took it for a ride in front of my house staying below 3/4 throttle, but i did open it up a couple times very briefly. it died on me a couple times though when i was turning around and i forgot to keep revving the engine.

what is the proper way to adjust the choke and the idle screw so it doesn't die on me?

i also noticed a little bit of fuel on top of the carb where the primer button is located, is this a leak or is it because i primed it too much, after the second run the spot of fuel didnt get any bigger, so i figure its because i primed it too much, but im still a n00b at this, so i cant really know for sure.

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