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Default Re: heres how to break in your engine faster

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
14K on one of these China engines and it's just losing compression?!? You must have bought the golden prototype and then ridden it 2300 miles a year for six years! Doesn't that come out at about 700 hours? Rotax recommends re-builds after 250-500 hours.

Actually Joe most of it was commuting not quite 30 miles/day for a little over two years on that particular bike. Haven't used it much last few years. It wasn't made of gold but does have a metal throttle body, the excellent "russian" clutch lever (far safer than the crummy locking brake levers used today), and of course the wonderful bushing instead of roller brearing. Wish I could still get kits like that one.

My point is of all the seized engine stories on this forum most were using expensive synthetic or special air cooled formulations (and usually 16 or 20 parts oil to boot). The few guys here who do admit to using Supertech never mentioned an oil related problem. I've been keeping track.

It's not a recommendation, just an observation and personal preference. YMMV (literally )
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