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Default New Old Guy from Va

Hello from Virginia. I'm Ralph and I don't have a Motor Bike yet, but I'm thinking about it and here's why. I'm an HPDE Instructor (high performance driving instructor) and I've been thinking how nice it would be to have a pit bike/scooter/cart, something to get around the paddock area. Well last weekend I saw this guy put-put by on a cruiser-style bicycle with this small two-stroke motor. I was facinated and found him in the paddock. He told me to google bicycle motor kits, I did, and then I found this forum. Here's the beginnings of my plan. I have my original bicycle I bought from my cousin when I was twelve years old. It's a 1957 Schwinn Black Phantom and is all original execpt for tires. I'm not planning to restore it (I like the "daily driver" look to it... it still has the notches I cut into the handlebar grips, when I was a kid, to signify my racing victories!) but I did make it road worthy with new rims, tires and crank and bearings. I'm still trying to decide between a two stroke and a four but I'm leaning toward the two stroke because of the small size. I'll keep you all posted as I start this journey. Any advice along the way would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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