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Default To Norm, Jim, Duane(Thats Dax) Pablo, and all members

Hello all,
This is my first post with this group and I just wanted to first start out and say Thank you to all the Posts and time and effort put forth by Norman, Jim (Creative Engineering aka Manic Mechanic) Thats Dax, Pablo and all other members that have shared posts, pictures and how-to answers! Wow, what a great group of people that belong to this website and this hobby! This reminds me of my Dad when he first took me Golfing and said that "the best part of this game is the great people you meet" and he was right, no matter who i met or was paired up with to play golf, they were always nice, friendly, warm and helpful people. Some of the best group of people of have ever met until getting into this Awesome fun hobby of motor bicycle engine installing and riding! You guys are just as great and nice as the golf people, even better! Wow, am I glad that I got into this hobby by accident. My car had just gone out on me about 10 months ago and of course I didnt take my Dad's wise advice when he said," Son, you really need to learn to save a small amount of money for an emergency"! Well, I didnt save and when my car crashed and burned (Engine and block) I was without transportation and had 4 miles to go each way to work. I remember seeing this guy on my block always riding this motorized bicycle and noticed how he would always beat me home when I was driving in a car. He could go around the traffic and really zip around on that bike I thought. I always thought that it was such a neat concept. When I lost my vehicle and had to think of something quick with very little money saved, well actually NO MONEY SAVED I went to walmart a purchased a $114 Schwinn cruiser Delmar and then ordered a bicycle engine from boygofast on ebay for $119 included the shipping ( I will purchase from Dax in the future, because he is the one i have gotten all of my phone tech support from! See what i mean, what great guys, here is a man that sells engines for a living and even though I did not purchase from him, he gives me tech support! I have gotten phone tech support from Jim at Creative engineering(By the way, this guy knows how to machine some of the best bike motor products i have ever seen! Wow is he good. ) Norman, although not over the phone but man, without your posts, I wouldnt know a fraction of the stuff you have taught me and never would have thought about reparing my own engine, but with all your posts, time and effort , you have helped me so much! I have read Pablos posts, which are extremely helpful and so many other members out here, Im sorry that I didnt mention everyone, I just mentioned a few that really stick out in my mind. So, I just wanted to post here finally and take the time to pay my respects and give my Thanks to all you WONDERFUL bicycle motor hobbiest's out here, you guys are some of the best groups of people that I have ever had to good fortune of meeting and talking with and posting with. Thanks all for taking the time to read this and by the way, here is my Side Kick helper, CHOCO "The wonder Dog"! Here is a picture of my Best Buddy, he has been with me for over 16 years and still going, although he is retired now and spends most of his time just relaxing but he deserves it. One of these days I will have to give a little story of why he is such a good dog and deserves his retirement. But for now, Thanks again all you great bicycle motor friends out here and I will help by posting some pictures on bike repair or mounts etc... in the near future. Thanks Thomas J. (TJ) and Choco In the future I will sign my name: TJ and Choco
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