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Default Re: heres how to break in your engine faster

Originally Posted by matt167 View Post
yanno, I have a new bottle of TCW-3 outboard oil.. I don't really remember why I bought it ( couple years old ), havn't had a 2 stroke boat in years.. anyway, it's supertech brand and on the back of it, it says it can be used with lawnmower type air cooled engines which I know is totally bogus as not only do I know better, spec sheets off the internet say diffrently.. doesn't make sense to put a bogus label on the bottle when it could destroy the engine and that company 'could' have to pay for a replacement
It will not destroy your engine. I have been using that on 2-sroke bike engines at 50:1 for over 6 years and never had one seize or wear out early. One of my engines has 14k and is just now losing compression.
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