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Default Re: Rear sprocket and EPA questions

Originally Posted by matt167 View Post
All the mufflers that are chrome can't be catalytic converter mufflers.. they are made sealed, and the contents of the converter ( mainly platinum and palidium ) cannot withstand the nickel/ chrome plating prosess.. if your engine has an EPA sticker and a chrome pipe, it's a fake sticker.. however none of the 2 strokes are C.A.R.B compliant so, truthfully, there not legal to be sold in California
The "Converter" is a separate part of the muffler, held in by the screw at the inlet end. the screw vibrated out of mine and when I took it apart to see what was going "clunk" inside as I moved it that's what fell out.
Doesn't look like very much catalytic action was going on, it was oily. I left it out. Suppose I could get a nickle for all the precious metals in it?
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