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Default Re: Would like some info....

Originally Posted by Teach View Post
Hi Everyone,
Have been perusing and have a couple of questions.....
Grubee seems to be the chief supplier of china gurl motors. Are there others?
Yes, a lot of others, all come from the same factories in China, with very little difference. Grubee has a couple of different things about the carb, ect. but still the same engine basicly.

What is a Raw engine...? Just another variation. Is there a new model available that's more reliable? Nope.

I've seen several different jack shaft/transmission arrangements.....does this make sense for cost/benefit? Nothing but good reviews on the SBP jackshaft kit.

Would like some input about 49cc and so called 80cc engines...listed on some sites at same price.
How would local gendarmes know if it were a 49cc or a larger motor that looks the same?
They won't
Does anyone do a low ball electric spray paint....finish.I've seen school lockers done this way with a durable finish. I think they had a transformer that provided a negative charge attracting the paint.
Any and all thoughts welcome.
Sorry, can't help with the other questions...
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