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Default Re: Best belt drive kit for robin eho35

[QUOTE=Forbisher;88414]You don't say what brand of friction drive you have
<< bike motor parts>>

What bicycle?

<< I have a few Treks, many old Shwinn's from Beach cruiser to Mtn. Bike, 2 Cannondale's, A Gary Fisher some old off brand Beach Cruisers and many other.. I just picked up an old 3 wheeler (western Flyer).. So the possibilities are there.

What wheels?

<< regular Mtn Bike tires? 26" >>

Spokes? I have heard they differ but I can perhaps use the best one you have in mund.. Rim/hub combo?

how do ya expect a decent answer?
I presume you are going to buy a GEBE kit.....

<<GEBE I just looked up and they are impressive.. Any experience with GEBE in the rain?

I never busted a spoke on my Staton FrictionDrive robin eho35 and it
was on a bike with very crappy and weak spokes.

<<I have a BMP kit and welded a trailer hitch to the back of it.. Literally.. I pull around 200-300 pounds with it not including my fat self.. I figure 500 total and when I smack the back wheel in a pothole.. Things happen.

yea, FrictionDrive in the rain is a pain but it no rain in SoCal

<<<Nice... I think.. I like to garden as well. I need to travel more.

I have a GEBE rear belt drive competitor designed that I may bring out soon.

<<<Thanks for trying to help me. I will research GEBE.

{{{ I just looked at the selection}}} I will count spokes and be riding in the snow this winter I hope. If there is a front wheel mount elsewhere please let me know}}}

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