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Default Re: Best belt drive kit for robin eho35

You don't say what brand of friction drive you have

What bicycle?
What wheels?

how do ya expect a decent answer?

I presume you are going to buy a GEBE kit.....

I never busted a spoke on my Staton FrictionDrive robin eho35 and it
was on a bike with very crappy and weak spokes

yea, FrictionDrive in the rain is a pain but it no rain in SoCal

I have a GEBE rear belt drive competitor designed that I may bring out soon.

Originally Posted by Roadkill View Post
I am getting a lot of slippage from my friction drive on rainy days and am considering a belt drive kit that will be motor swappable. I get busted spokes often on the friction drive when slamming a bump of other street defect. Are belt drives better in the rain? I am confident that they are but would like a testimonial before I fetch some cash for these. Treaking my throttle to turtle speed on post rain wet roads is misery.

If 1 or more spokes pop will that effect my wheel pulley? So far with my friction drive the only bad flaws have been my clutch and the little nut and bolt that hold up the supports. I guess the drive roller is smoother but it still works fine.


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