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Default Clutch question.

I have fried my clutch pads to the point of drum destruction. I might be able to sand down the drum to accept new pads but the shoes were only contacting 1/2 of the drum surface grinding half the surface.. h well. I am getting some new shoes at the local lawn show. I ordered a set for a GX50 though I have a Robin EHO35 and read somewhere they are all 76mm a while back. My question(s) is a nagging one in my brain.

Does the spring break when the clutch is worn?

I also bought some springs that match for 1.50 each (silver steel) for emergency after the black stock one broke. Are they strong enough or acceptable? The silver worked on the worn out shoes for 1 month and just snapped. The shoes look like hot knife through butter.

The clutch drum on my friction drive is thread locked to the drive spindle. Any ideas on removal of that? I thought perhaps a propane torch on the hardened red goo and a vice and wrench outta do it. Any ideas?

Thanks all of you..
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